Pinnacle Pool Services

Pinnacle Pool Management is your premier provider of swimming pool management, maintenance, and service. Pinnacle Pool Management, LLC has been associated with the swimming pool industry for more than ten years. We have built and serviced pools, as well as, owned and operated a pool retail store. We offer pool repair, maintenance, pool cleaning and other pool services. We provide quality solutions and excellent customer service for all your pool needs.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Pool Service

Your pool should be a safe, clean, and beautiful place to spend time with your friends and family. When you work with a professional pool service to maintain your pool, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a picture-perfect pool without needing to dedicate your free time to pool care or cleaning.

  • Proper pool care requires the right tools for the job. Our pool service includes everything that is needed to maintain your pool, including chemicals, so you won’t have to worry about the purchase or storage of these items. We’ll help you choose the best service plan for your needs.
  • Pool care involves more than simply maintaining the pH balance of the water and keeping it clean. Your pool service will also check for pool damage or leaks, as well as service the pool’s filter and plumbing equipment regularly so you can be sure that your pool is safe and problem-free at all times.
  • Even simple pool maintenance takes time to complete properly, and maintenance must be performed regularly. When you hire a professional to handle your pool care, you can enjoy more free time in your own schedule.
  • Closing and opening your pool correctly are vital to the quality and longevity of your pool. Our pool professionals will ensure that your pool is ready for winter or summer so you can rest assured that your investment is protected at all times.

Repair and Renovation Services

Pinnacle repairs, cleans and services swimming pools. No job is too large or too small, we have solutions for all sizes of public and private pools. We offer many services not listed on our website. Don’t see the services you need listed here? Just give us a call [office-phone] or fill out our information request form and we will help you find the right solutions for your needs.

Our repair and renovation services include:

  • Install salt water chlorine generators
  • Replastering and repainting pool
  • Repaint pool decks and pool surfaces
  • Repaint water slides and other pool structures
  • Repair/replace water slides and other pool structures
  • Repair/replace pool pump motors
  • Repair/replace pipes, valves and filter systems
  • Repair/replace pool tiles
  • Repair/replace pool furniture
  • Repair cracks in pool and pool deck

Pool Maintenance Service

No matter how frequently you chose to have your pool serviced, our experienced pool service techs will take great care in making sure your pool is clean and well-balanced. Our pool maintenance packages include:

  • Vacuum Pool
  • Net Top
  • Clean Pool Tile
  • Blow Deck
  • Empty Baskets
  • Balance Chemicals
  • Empty Pool Cleaner
  • Backwash Filter
  • Brush Walls
  • Clean Equipment Area

We provide pool maintenance services to commercial properties with pools, fountains and water features. Keep your pool clean, efficient and safe with routine pool maintenance service. Ensuring a clean environment is the goal of any pool professional, so why choose one over the other? Quality and reliability are two good reasons, but you also need a pool technician that is certified, knows the local “rules and regs” and can take on any needed repairs and renovations that may come up.

The good news is that Pool Services offers multi-day service contracts with 24/7 service. And we cover all your bases: If something goes wrong, we’ll be there with a smart repair. And if you want to upgrade your existing pool, we’re ready and experienced.

Water Quality Management

Pinnacle Pool Management designs and delivers comprehensive pool management and service programs for communities and owner/operators of all types. Supervisors and pool managers maintain a high profile to oversee and monitor each property. Our objective is to relive you of the headaches, issues, and work related to owning, managing, and maintaining a swimming pool and to ensure the safe and effective operation of your pool.

Pinnacle Pool Management, LLC is proud to be a Hayward CAT (Chemical Automation Technology) Controllers Dealer. Automated chemical controllers help to provide enhanced water quality management and reduced operational costs. Check out our pool equipment and supplies page for more information about Hayward CAT Controllers.

Environmentally Friendly Pool Products

We’re also experts in the most environmentally friendly pool filtering and chlorine generation systems available. Give us a call and we’ll tell you all about how you can take care of your pool and the environment at the same time.

A Chlorine Generating System, also known as a Salt Generating System, converts salt to chlorine naturally and reduces the harsh swimming pool environment that can harm hair, skin and eyes, bathing suits, and the environment. High-efficiency filters save energy, conserve water, reduce noise, and minimize maintenance. These systems can lower energy, cleaning, and maintenance costs, while minimizing the pool’s environmental impact.

See more information about salt water chlorine generators on the pool equipment and supplies page.

A Chlorine Generating System has many benefits including:

  • low-cost maintenance
  • resolves most chemical imbalance
  • no chlorine smell
  • healthier for your skin, hair and eyes
  • no deterioration to swim suits and towels
  • lower maintenance costs

Consulting Services

Troubleshooting is often difficult when you’re in the middle of the storm. Pinnacle Pool Management offers skills developed over three decades of experience with proven results. If you have a problem with your pool, we’re here to help. Give us a call or fill out our information request form.